Reusable Clip Applier and Ligating Clips

Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier & Ligating Clips are polymer ligation system for the laparoscopic procedure of minimal invasive surgery (MIS). 

The Inno-Hook™ Ligating Clips are single-fire polymer clips with locking and inner ridges design to secure clip retention, available in three sizes (ML, L, XL) applicable to 3-16mm vessel and tissue range.

The Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier is innovative with the changeable tip, which allows the replacement of worn-out jaws and exchanging to extended jaw for bariatric surgery and angled jaw for lobectomy 

Inno-Hook™ Polymer Ligating Clips

Product No.DescriptioncolorVessel/ Tissue
Size Range
AA5P1-BFNon-absorbable Polymer Ligating Clips, ML,6 ClipsX3mm-10mm14 Cartridges/ box,12 boxes/carton
AAXP1-LFNon-absorbable Polymer Ligating Clips, L,6 ClipsX5mm-13mm14 Cartridges/ box,12 boxes/carton
AAXP1-XFNon-absorbable Polymer Ligating Clips, XL,6 ClipsX7mm-16mm14 Cartridges/ box,12 boxes/carton

Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier

Product No.DescriptioncolorShaft Spec.(D*L)Packaging
RD5P1-B0Reusable Clip Applier (Detachable), Single-Fire, 5mm, Polymer, MLXØ5*320mm1 pcs/ box, 5 boxes /carton
RDXP1-L0Reusable Clip Applier (Detachable), Single-Fire, 10mm, Polymer, LXØ10*320mm1 pcs/ box, 5 boxes /carton
RDXP1-X0Reusable Clip Applier(Detachable),Single-Fire,10mm, Polymer,XLXØ10*320mm1 pcs/ box, 5 boxes /carton

Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier – Accessories

Product No.DescriptioncolorShaft Spec.(D*L)

AD5P1-B0Detachable Jaw, 5mm, ML XØ5*50mm4 pcs/ box

ADXP1-L0Detachable Jaw, 10mm, L

XØ10*85mm4 pcs/ box

ADXP1-X0Detachable Jaw, 10mm, XLXØ10*85mm4 pcs/ box

AD5P1-10Detachable Jaw, Extended, 5mm, MLXØ5*170mm4 pcs/ box


Detachable Jaw, Extended, 10mm, L XØ10*205mm

4 pcs/ box


Detachable Jaw, Extended,10mm, XLXØ10*205mm

4 pcs/ box

AA0S1-00Reusable Instrument Tray492mm*181mm*49mm1 pcs/ box

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