Disposable Clip Applier (Ligating Clips)

Inno-Hook™ Disposable Clip Applier (Ligating Clips) is the unique automatic clip applier, combining the advantage of multi-firing mechanism TWSC has been specialized in and the ligation strength of polymer clips.

The lock and ridges of polymer clips secure the closure and fixation on vessels and the clip hinge allows flexible opening for more types of applications. The automatic multi-firing device saves the clip loading efforts and reduce the operation time. 

Product No.DescriptionShaft Spec.(D*L)
DC5P1-B5Disposable Clip Applier, 5mm, Polymer, ML, 15 Clips
Ø5.6 *350mm
5 pcs/box, 4 boxes/carton
DCXP1-L2Disposable Clip Applier, 5mm, Polymer, L, 12 Clips

Ø10 *350mm

5 pcs/box, 4 boxes/carton

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